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Personal Classes

These personal classes contain a detailed explanation of AutoCAD commands and their applications to solve drafting and design problems. Every command is thoroughly explained with the help of examples and illustrations. This makes it easy for students to understand the functions and applications in the drawing.


After going through a course with out teachers, you will be able to use AutoCAD commands to make a drawing, dimension a drawing, applying constraints, insert texts and blocks, create 3D objects, generate drafting views of the model and advanced applications in AutoCAD software.


These personal classes cover basic drafting and designing concepts such as dimension principles, and assembly drawing that equip the users with the essential drafting skills to solve problems in AutoCAD.

Features of this Course:

- 01

Detailed explanation of all AutoCAD commands and tools.

- 02

Step-by-step instructions to guide the students through the learning process.

- 03

Tools explained in a manner that you can easily draw whatever item you think about.

- 04

Quizzes at the end of each section to help the users assess their knowledge.

- 05

Practice Tests

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