Architectural Cad Drawings and shop drawings.

An architectural drawing is a technical illustration of a building or building project.


These architectural cad drawings are used by architects, Engineers, or any other construction professional for several purposes: to develop a design idea into a coherent proposal, to communicate ideas and concepts, to enable construction by a building contractor, or to make a record of a building that already exists.

Architectural cad drawings or shop drawings for any scope of work, architectural plans development, shop drawings for any specific items.

In scopes like sheet metal these shop drawings will show detailed location for the items you need approval for in the submitted project, the set of shop drawings is a based set of detail call outs for roof plans, elevations, sections, or any other architectural sheet to locate the items and profile sheets showing the details of the item (metal flashings), the location and the item profile with all requested dimensions.

With this set of drawings, you will be able to submit for approvals, fabricate the pieces and it will guide the installation crew to locate every item on the project.

- 01

Shop drawings for Fabricators

Shop drawings to plan any kind of product fabrication

- 02

Residential projects

Architectural full set of drawings for customs homes.

- 03

Commercial projects

Architectural plan development for commercial projects.

- 04

Sheet Metal Flashings Shop Drawings

Flashings profile plan locations and details

- 05

Engineering drawings

Engineering plans development for residential and commercial projects.

- 06

Mechanical drawings

Mechanical plans development for residential and commercial projects.

- 07

Electrical drawings

Electrical plans development for residential and commercial projects.

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