Quantity Estimating

art of calculating materials quantities


We will provide an accurate report showing the measurement of the specified items within the desired scope.


We work with architectural, structural, mechanical or any other set of plans where we can identify and measure the items in your scope of work.


We can also in cases like roofing, site work, pools etc., work with satellite pictures to get estimated numbers for the items.

- 01

Roofing and Decking

Material take-offs for roofing and/or decking systems with all their accessories.

- 02

Miscellaneous. and Structural Steel

Material take-offs for decorative metals and structural steel members.

- 03

Wall/Roof Metal Panel and Sheet Metal Flashings

Architectural flashings and trims material take-offs.

- 04

Lumber, Siding and Waterproofing

Material take-offs on lumber projects, including all framing, siding, and trims.

- 05

Windows Treatment

Blinds and/or shades quantity take offs.

- 06

Other Scopes of work

Any kind of material quantity take-off or any scope needed.


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