10 Principles of Architectural Design You Need to Know

Most of us jump to the creative side when we think of architectural designs. But it is a common perspective as a professional architect who provides architectural design services needs to deal with more than just the creative aspect.

They use several architectural design principles to draft a building plan that best utilizes the building structure. Whether you are a freelance architect or just curious about architecture, knowing the principles will help you in future. And, here we will discuss ten architectural design principles you need to know.

Architectural Design Principles

10 Architectural Design Principles:



Hierarchy is one of the crucial principles of architectural Cad drawings. As an architect, some design elements need to be highlighted more than others. This is where the principle of hierarchy comes in. Architectural hierarchy means prioritizing the crucial elements more and giving them more space or focus than others. According to this principle, the primary element of the building will appear first or have more space, and the minor vital element will come after that. For example, the architectural Cad drawing will highlight rooms or spaces with greater functionality than other building spaces.


Contrast is another important principle that any good architectural Cad drafting service will incorporate. If you are into colour, photography or any other forms of visual arts, you will know what contrast primarily means. Contrast means putting one or more contrasting elements (not necessarily colours; it may also include shapes, sizes etc.) together to make the design more attractive. Contrasting two elements, like black and white, can help the element pop and attract more attention to some specific detail. In architecture, contrast helps to make the structure stand out. The contrast in building Cad is also helpful for people with visual impairments to figure out important information.


Balance is also a critical principle that almost every architectural design services include. Here, the balance usually means the balance of visual weight in a structure. A Cad designer always finds a balance between every element’s visual weight and puts them accordingly. Visual weight is essential for a viewer to find a balance in sight. The balance can be drawn either symmetrically or asymmetrically. In symmetrical balancing, architectural cad drafting services focus on a middle point and equally put elements with different visual weights on both sides. Symmetric design can also be further distinguished into bilateral and radial symmetry. On the other hand, visual balancing with an asymmetric method is more complex than symmetrical ones, where the architect needs to shift the fulcrum point to place different visual weights in different zones of the structure.


The principles of architecture also incorporate proportion. It plays a vital role in architectural cad drafting. Proportion means the size of the elements. The principle of proportion help to put the crucial element of the structure in focus point by enlarging the length, size and breadth. Proportion is used to compose elements of different sizes to highlight the vital ones, the most and less crucial ones least.


The rhythm is another fundamental architectural design principle that brings uniqueness to a structure or architectural piece. In architecture, some variation in the design is internationally made to create a difference. These variations are a rhythm in architectural cad drawings. As a pause between two notes in music,  the variation between two elements in a structure creates rhythm. Rhythm is helpful to give clarity to the viewer by repeating a specific variation like curves or straight lines in the architecture.


The pattern also plays an essential role in architectural cad drafting that most architectural cad drafting services follow. Pattern brings a sense of theme to a building structure. Creating patterns in an architectural design is easy. You need to repeat the elements that have the same functionality or work together numerous times. Repeating the order in the entire design will create a pattern. Using patterns in large construction projects will help you maintain an aesthetical value in the building structure.


Emphasis is also one of the essential architectural design principles you must follow while drafting a building cad. Emphasis means putting importance or focus on a specific part of something over other parts. The emphasis helps to distinguish the crucial parts from others by highlighting them. In architecture, the same thing can apply to structural elements. You can Emphasis the vital elements of your architectural design by bold colour, increasing the size or using the contrast method to separate it from others. Emphasis works with visual balance, where you can use elements with considerable visual weight to emphasise them in the structure.


It is close to the rhythm principle of architecture as both help to create a theme or uniformity within the structure. Repetition also implies a similar rule of repeating elements within a structure as of rhythm. And suppose you are working on a project where you must compile various elements. In that case, repetition can be a must followed principle that will bring uniformity in the structure and help to maintain a theme. The logic is simple when you are putting various elements together, repeating certain elements will help you create a theme in the project.


Variety is a crucial principle that most top-rated architectural cad drafting services include in their projects. Using variety is essential for an architectural design where you want to make the project interesting for the viewers. Following the same design throughout the building creates a monotonous effect, and viewers become uninterested or bored with it. Using Variety in terms of colours, shapes or sizes can make a design look unique.


Movement is a crucial aspect that an architect should keep in mind while designing a structure. Human eyes can focus on a singular object at a time, and our vision travels from one place to another to completely visualise a large structure. Strategically positioning different designs or elements allows a viewer to look at a targeted design first and then at others.

All these principles are essential to building a good and valuable architectural design. Professional Architectural design services like Drafting Consultants can bring the best solution by efficiently incorporating these principles.

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